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Skyline Luge Planning Submitted

The planning application for Skyline Swansea has been submitted. Our landscape masterplan brings together a vast set of proposals for a new leisure destination in Swansea.

A gondola ride will bring visitors to the top of Kilvey Hill and it’s panoramic views across Swansea bay and the Gower peninsula. Proposals on Kilvey Hill include a restaurant with a rooftop bar, a play area, a large ride attraction called a ‘sky swing’, new MTB trails and the luge tracks that Skyline are famous for. 

The landscape masterplan delivers large new areas of native grassland and woodland planting ensuring a rich, diverse landscape for the future, as well as bringing acres of existing, plantation woodland under management. New walking trails and picnic areas will complement the various activities on the hill and ensure that the hill remains open for all. 

We are working closely with Skyline, AAD Architects, OMISA, EDP (ecology) and ASBRI (planning)  to deliver this unique new project. 

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by Ben
November 20, 2023