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Civic & Public Space

RHS Hyde Hall, Essex

We have been working in close collaboration with Professor James Hitchmough of the University of Sheffield to develop a large scale landscape masterplan and planting proposals which re-imagine the experience of visitors to RHS Hyde Hall.

The first phase, is the implementation of the giant ‘Sky Meadow’ which is now complete and we can’t wait to see it after the first growing season.

The second phase  looks at re-visioning the periphery of the gardens and the transition of the formal spaces to the countryside and farmland beyond.  The concept was to re-image the typical ‘agricultural productive landscape’, looking forward to the future with warmer drier summers. The design approach was based on that of the ‘Mediterranean style’ with a series of rolling ‘fields’ and smaller gardens set within a formal patchwork pattern. The ‘field components’ would be lines of rosemary, lavender and sunflowers.

The regional gardens, celebrating the different ‘Mediterranean climates’ around the world, such as the European, Western America, Central Chilean and South African. At the transition areas, the idea would be to ‘blur’ the edge of the Hyde Hall site into the fields beyond so the viewer isn’t aware where one starts and the other ends. To achieve this the ‘Mediterranean field’ would breakdown into traditional fields sown in a pattern to respond to the Mediterranean fields.

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