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Gen Zero

Working with nature; schools designed for health, well-being & the environment.

Over the course of 2021, we were part of the DfE’s design team appointed to develop school design prototypes that will deliver the Zero Carbon targets set by the UK Government.

This project was conceived to help meet 2050 net zero targets and to inform new design standards, from which future schools will be built, will actively promote more sustainable, reduced-carbon schools.

Having undertaken a significant amount of research and development, we have put into place landscape strategies which support Architecture and Engineering in a way that reduces carbon in operation.

The landscape around the schools (models were developed for both constrained and unconstrained sites) has been thoughtfully designed to provide protection against the elements with minimal disruption to the existing environment.

Encouraging active engagement with the outdoors means creating outdoor spaces that are stimulating, useful and considerate of the local environment. Pedestrian routes made of carefully selected materials which weave through mixed meadow planting and existing woodland, leading to outdoor seating and dining areas that are made from sustainably sourced, home-grown timber. Read more here

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